Building Habits of Joyful Existence

"There is no path to Happiness; Happiness is the path"

Building Habits of Joyful Existence

"There is no path to Happiness; Happiness is the path"


"Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different."
C.S. Lewis

The most valuable corporate wellbeing strategy is one that proactively improves employee wellbeing, rather than just managing ill health once it has happened. 

Research shows this boosts productivity and employee motivation in the workplace with some companies that invest in employee wellbeing finding 25% less staff turnover, 40% less absence and 50% fewer accidents and injuries.


Companies who are interested in the wellbeing of their employees and profitability of their businesses.

Specially if your company wants to/ or is: 



Reduce employee

change corporate


more interaction from employees

If you are a leader or manager who wants to:

improve communication
in your team

increase engagement
of team members

create space for innovative
ideas & creativity

reduce conflict and increase team work


Inspiring firms and individuals through holistic sustainable methods accomplishing work-life balance and improved levels of productivity.


I took part in a series of 8 x ‘well-binars’ (30 minute webinars) along with other colleagues. Sabina was well prepared, ensuring that the session was tailored to our needs. Each session was focussed around a topic such as mindfulness, achieving focus etc, and consisted of presentation of the topic, practical exercises, and discussion / Q&A.

Charis Leyne
Executive Assistant at Capgemini

Following a series of webinars that Sabina organised, I was able to apply what I learnt to my everyday life. I found myself being more aware of what I was eating and adjusting accordingly; I made the effort to break up my working days with some exercises or simply by walking around; and I discovered more peace by reflecting on the topics such as mindfulness that we’d covered. Although it was the first time I have attended such webinars virtually rather than in person, Sabina managed to convey her messages in a very energetic way, and at the end, I am equipped with several tools and techniques that help me improve my daily routine. This was a great initiation into well-being.

Hassan Elmiligui
Head of Legal Operations - Capgemini

Sabina builds trust easily by delivering on her promises. She is an asset to any team she is part of, and is guaranteed to bring both energy and calm!

Razwana Wahid
Cards & Payments Expert

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