About Me

I was never one to take risks. I mostly followed the parental and social guidelines we are all given so to fit within the box we are all expected to become.

Working 70-80 hour weeks was the norm. I was constantly on the move – rushing from the office to the gym and then to see friends, without stopping to take a breath. I blamed a job I resented … only to replace the job with another… which led to a bad boss I couldn’t work with.

Not actively taking responsibility for my decisions, I was always moving with no clue where I was going. Food was fast and exercise was tough (it had to be, right? Otherwise how do I stay strong?).

I was always thinking: What’s next? while missing what was happening in the moment I was in.

And then came Pilates.

Taking a class randomly… I was hooked.

It led me to discover a love for this exercise that created a foundation for my life.

For me, Pilates wasn’t just about the physical movement…

Working on my body posture created a structure so my body could move better… and I created structure in my life so I could live more freely.

Focusing on my breath helped nourish my body … and breathing through tough situations moved me away from anxiety and stress. 

I was walking taller, growing my confidence and living with purpose.

I qualified as a Pilates instructor and later on became a holistic health coach, quit my corporate job, and here I am – ready to give you what my journey gave me:

A sense of purpose. A solid foundation. A feeling of freedom.

The basis of my work with you is to help you connect with yourself. 

Using food as medicine, breath as life force and movement as a strength builder, we work together to draw out the best in you. The best part? It’s already there!

I can help you empower yourself to be your own medicine to create a life filled with purpose and freedom. 

You are worthy of love, abundance and success!

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