Company Events & Programs

In addition to creating positive and relevant impact in corporate and social environments, she also aims to inspire firms and individuals through holistic sustainable methods accomplishing work-life balance and improved levels of productivity.


A day to bring the team together by taking part in workshops and activities learning and implementing healthier habits and better communication for within teams and across different departments.

Examples of team building activities: interactive cooking class, conscious ceremony & ecstatic dancing, multisensorial experiences and much more.

For a discovery call to discuss your requirements and objectives please email me.

Format: ½ day or 1 full day
Investment from 450 €
(depending on requirements and on the size of the group)

Wellbeing at Work Series

A series of sessions on specific wellbeing topics relevant to the organisation (agreed in advance). Bespoke sessions will take place weekly over a minimum of 8 weeks for optimal understanding and results. Sessions may be on site or off site activities, lectures indoors or going into nature, games… for more info please email me.

Format: 8 to 12 weeks program
Investment from 2.400 €

The Art of Wellbeing Series

When a company is totally invested in the wellbeing of their employees, dedicating a whole week of interaction or perhaps change management /strategy occurs and a week of symposiums and workshops is absolutely crucial for the benefit of the company and its employees. The week will be organised onsite or offsite. The event will bring relevant experts in each of the areas to be covered and beneficial to the teams.
For more information please email me.

Format: 1 week or similar
Investment from 3.750 €
(depending on requirements and objectives set)

If you have any questions or would like to discover the different available

workshops and programs please get in touch.

Event Management

In addition to creating positive and relevant impact in corporate and social environments, Sabina will also organise and facilitate retreats, festivals and other wellness events including brining other experts in the art of wellbeing to collaborate in community and for the benefit of the employee or participant. 

If you would like help in organising your next team event please get in touch.

Keynote Speaker

Sabina Medina is a passionate keynote speaker who connects with her audience through key messages about building healthy habits at work and home, to perform better at and be happier in both.

She focuses on how employers can increase engagement and innovation, and how a wholesome approach to personal well-being amongst employees can create profit for companies.

the main themes are:

well-being in business

commitment & communication

healthier and lasting performance

creativity & innovation

authenticity in relationships

freedom to be oneself & diversity

collective intelligence & community



healthy initiatives

movement & nutrition

Digital Wellbeing Academy


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