Helping more women awaken their true selves to create the fulfilled

and free life they deserve.

You are about to become a roaring success!

You were told it was all about drive.

Show ambition. Get things done. Achieve more. Make decisions. Keep moving. Work, work, work. Climb that ladder. Have it all. Dodge those bullets. Lead.

And while all that worked for a time… it’s left you questioning: Is this it?

When you’re at work, you feel guilty for not being at home. When you’re at home, you wonder what emails you’ve missed. Making time for exercise is a chore and fitting in all the things has left you exhausted. Food isn’t a pleasure and you constantly feel like you’re failing.

Whatever you try to feel enough, it doesn’t seem to work and leaves you wondering:

If exercise isn’t it, a change in diet isn’t it, meditation isn’t it… then what is?

You are the cure you’ve been looking for!

Hi – I’m Sabina! I’m a Holistic Coach and Corporate Wellness Consultant and I’m here to help you change your life for good!

You can read all about my journey here, but for now, allow me to fiercely attest:

Feeling lost is ok. Surviving without purpose is ok. And that feeling of guilt is ok…

You know what isn’t ok?
Thinking all that is all you have.
You don’t.

You can feel worthy and whole and enough all the time.
You can find that feeling of excitement in life again.
You can have it all and feel great about it.

The best part? It all comes from within. Let me help you learn how to look inwards and find your true essence; your personal power. You are your own medicine!

Let’s draw it out together.